3 Great Ways to Create More Space Out of a Small Kitchen

3 Great Ways to Create More Space Out of a Small Kitchen

When you’re dealing with a small space, every single inch has to work twice as hard. It might mean using your wall areas more than you already do or investing in more innovative storage solutions. There are many space-saving hacks that you can do to create more space in your small kitchen.

white kitchen 3 Great Ways to Create More Space Out of a Small Kitchen

Whether you’ve got the budget to completely redesign and refit with a tailor-made kitchen from the likes of Hammonds, or you only want to reorganize your existing space, here are some top tips to give you a head start.

Your layout is key

Never was anything more literal. Using all of the space available to you will help you to create a much bigger seeming space. If you have high ceilings, use the walls and fit tall cupboards. It will maximize the storage you have. These are great for storing things like your crockery and glassware, as well as pantry items like cans and sauces.

modern kitchen ideas 14 3 Great Ways to Create More Space Out of a Small Kitchen

If you lack dining space, you could also have a bespoke folding dining table fixed on the wall. Not only can you use this innovation for eating your meals, but you could also use it as a workspace or even counter space for prepping on.

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Use bespoke storage

There are so many great storage ideas out there. From drawer tidies and spice turntables to high risers for your pans and plates, you’ll find all of these and more on the likes of Amazon and other online retailers.

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If you have a new kitchen fitted, you can look at built-in storage options that your supplier has available. These could be innovative pan drawers, sliding spice racks, or even pull out larder and corner units to help you make the most of your space.

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Use zoning to get the most out of your space

Do as all good chefs and designers do and think about your kitchen as a series of areas. These may include zones of prepping, cooking, storing, and eating. The general rule of thumb is to keep similar items together – so that you know where to find them and what you have so you don’t overbuy! There’s nothing worse than finding 20 packets of rice and struggling to store them.

You may also try to store things seasonally. Just like when you change your wardrobe from summer to winter, you may do something similar with your cupboards. You’re not going to be creating a hot pot or casserole during the warm summer months, so why not pack away your Crock-Pot and slow cooker into the attic or garage for now. You can replace these with your favorite lemonade jug and ice-cream maker for the summer!

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