4 Reasons Why you should be fitting a Bespoke Kitchen

4 Reasons Why you should be fitting a Bespoke Kitchen

A functional kitchen that makes the mealtimes more enjoyable is everyone’s desire. Bespoke kitchens widen your horizon and allow you to customize your space as per your preferences. Do you want tall bar chairs around the kitchen island? Or do you wish to integrate fixtures for your appliances? With bespoke kitchens, you can do everything the way you want.

By approaching a professional installer from your area, you can ensure perfect fittings with each piece put in place. Use your ideas, or leave the whole process to a professional designer to create your new kitchen. Investing your time and money to get a bespoke kitchen will guarantee you a wonderful experience for years to come.

If you are still not convinced about fitting a bespoke kitchen, here are a few more reasons.

1. Personalized Touch

Why would you want to adapt to whatever you are offered when you can customize the whole area the way you want. Are you looking for a larger place to cook and enjoy family meals? Or do you want to incorporate your bar into it as well? With bespoke kitchens, options are endless. Explore, experiment, and get the space that says your name loud and clear. Get the kind of designs that you have always wanted but have never been able to choose. With a self-designed kitchen, you no longer have to conform. There is a wide choice of colors, furnishings, and textures that complement your style and are in harmony with other areas of your home.

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2. Specific to your Needs

The use of space is almost always an issue with the pre-designed kitchens. Trying to fit your appliances and other essentials in the space provided or the other way around can mean disappointment and compromise. Meanwhile, the tailor-made kitchen is about adjusting the area as per your appliances and needs. Do not try hard to fit your small fridge in a large space provided – instead, create a smaller one which fits right! That’s the beauty of Cheshire made bespoke kitchens; they can be done precisely to your preferences. They also have a knack to extend the space giving you greater flexibility, which is not available otherwise.

The kitchen is one of those areas which is used by all the members of a family. Thus, it must keep everyone’s needs in mind. So, it’s about time you say goodbye to the useless storage and unwanted spaces that have been bothering you all this while. Start adding the things that you always wished for in your kitchen. So, if you want a wine fridge, get a wine fridge.

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3. Choice of Material

honeyhome kitchen 4 Reasons Why you should be fitting a Bespoke Kitchen

Studio apartment designed by Clare Cousins

When you are customizing everything, you have a choice in the material you wish to use. And this is one of the strongest arguments why you should fit a handmade kitchen. Opting for mass-produced cabinets means choosing lower-quality materials, which will get damaged before long. If installed properly, a bespoke designed kitchen should bring the best quality to your kitchen. Because you can take part in the decisions to source the raw material for the best finish and sustainability.

Sustainability is one of the factors that you can work on by opting for eco-friendly materials. These not only enhance the look of your kitchen but also flies the flag of environmental safety. Bamboo is a popular choice amongst house owners due to its high quality and sustainability. Another option is polished concrete, as it has a long lifespan and is energy efficient. Paint is another option where you can ensure quality and sustainability at the same time. You can use water-based paints with lower VOC and save the health of your family as well as the planet.

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4. Furniture that fits your kitchen

A bespoke kitchen lets you add your personal touch to everything that’s there in your kitchen, keeping the statement of your individuality unimpaired. So, once you finish designing your space and have designated places for every appliance, cabinet, and crockery, it’s time to get the furniture of your choice! You can take a walk around your local stores to get an idea of what you want and then put your creative ideas to work.

You can pick the furniture pieces that gels well with your lifestyle or the number of people you want to accommodate. Get made to measure furniture to ensure greater functionality and comfort with the tables set at a perfect height for you. If you are petite, you might want the kitchen shelves to be at a lower elevation. With a bespoke kitchen, you can customize everything as per your preferences; the sky is the limit! Which is a good thing if you are tall.

Customized kitchens can also increase the resale value of your house. Apart from a few essentials that your kitchen cannot do without, there are plenty of areas where you can optimize your budget constraints. With just a few affordable touches, you can get a tailor-made kitchen as per your budget, contrary to the belief that it involves a lot of money.

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In case you plan to move out of your house and put it on the market for sale, bespoke kitchens are the unique selling point to wow the buyers. They can fetch you a lot more than what you were expecting.


Individuality, specific to your needs, sustainability, quality standards, and a lifetime of pleasure are but a few reasons why you should invest in a bespoke kitchen. Nothing holds you back to explore each aspect and finally get the colors, furniture, and arrangement you want for your kitchen by instilling your exceptional taste.

We create the fondest memories by gathering around the kitchen table. And they become even more impressive when that table is just right for the number of people gathering around it! We hope that these reasons will inspire you to start revamping your old kitchen. Good luck!