6 Simple Ways You Can Transform Your Dull Living Room

6 Simple Ways You Can Transform Your Dull Living Room

The heart of the home, a living room is where the majority of people tend to spend most of their time. If you ask your friends or colleagues what is their favorite space in the house, they will not hesitate to say my living room.

Indeed, a pretty versatile area, it’s where you welcome guests, enjoy cozy evenings with your loved ones, relax watching TV, or simply doing nothing if you are kind of a couch potato.

%name 6 Simple Ways You Can Transform Your Dull Living Room

A cozy living room in an old Victorian Terrace House 🠕

It is very important to have a living room that not only reflects your taste but also provides for a pleasant atmosphere able to turn your bad day into the best possible one.

What’s your living room like?

Is it bright, comfortable, charming – in a nutshell, a great place to be? If you think it is dull and hardly can kickstart your mood, then it’s time for changes. Fortunately, you do not have to spend plenty of money to enliven your life –  all you have to do is check out our list of 6 simple and budget-friendly ways to transform your dull living room!

Upgrade Lighting

Never underestimate the power of light as its amount and quality have a huge impact on any room, with the main rule says – the more, the better. If you are short of sunlight, even the most beautiful heavy curtains are not a good idea.

living room 1024x683 6 Simple Ways You Can Transform Your Dull Living Room

Make sure you have enough light in your living room 🠕

While there is little you can do to improve the amount of natural light that enters your living room, there are a couple of tricks to improve the situation by adjusting your lighting scheme.

Make sure you have decent overhead lighting, which is also complemented by a range of other light sources: floor, wall, or table lamps. Apart from brightening up the entire space, they can serve as perfect decoration. You might also consider candles as a great way to set up a romantic atmosphere.

Hang Large Wall Art

Yes, you read it right. Even large wall art can be budget-friendly given you pay a visit to your local contemporary art gallery or its web-based counterpart. There is nothing duller than a room with absolutely bare walls, well, unless you and your circle of friends belong to the ultra-minimalist scene.


%name 6 Simple Ways You Can Transform Your Dull Living Room

Wall art is one of the cheapest and simple options while decorating your interior 🠕

The best way to enliven your most beloved zone in the house is to hang one big art piece – a picture or print you like and want on your wall. Make sure it suits your taste and contributes to the look and feel of the room.

Add Color With Cushions

A few properly selected cushions can magically transform boring and ordinary space into the most striking living room. Let the size and style of your room dictate the number and color scheme of cushions you will add. Mix up the shapes, experiment with different textures, and play with various motives but do not forget that scattered placement is the key to success.

5 pillows v1 899x675 6 Simple Ways You Can Transform Your Dull Living Room

Another inexpensive but very helpful item to decorate your living room is cushions 🠕

Do not be afraid of bold prints and patterns as they can create a wondrous contrast to an otherwise bleak environment, adding splashes of colors and plenty of excitement. What’s more, you can change your cushions to match them with the seasons – one of the cheapest ways to restyle your room!

Get A Rug

If you ask designers where to start with room decoration and selection of a color scheme, the majority of them will say everything begins with putting down a rug. Indeed, when chosen wisely, it is a real game-changer that gives structure to the entire room, adding plenty of warmth and vibrancy.

Move Furniture Around

Did you know that rearranging your furniture can make a huge difference in how your living area looks? Many people do it regularly – whenever they get bored with a certain room but cannot afford to buy new pieces, they start moving stuff around. Mobilize your imagination and try even boldest at first glance combinations – who knows, which one will turn into the living rooms of your dreams!

Bring In A Plant

You’d be surprised to see how just a little bit of green life can change the feel of your living room, making it much more pleasant and beautiful. Stunning flowers in full bloom will add a breath of fresh air and bring loads of positive vibes while glossy leaves of a ficus plant will give an exotic touch to the room decor.

snake plant 819x1024 6 Simple Ways You Can Transform Your Dull Living Room

Snake plant doesn’t require much care and livens up your room 🠕

It’s common knowledge, small touches are incredibly important as they can make a big difference. If you feel your living room is a bit dull and need some improvement, do not miss the opportunity to transform it using these six simple tips – you just can’t go wrong!