How to Choose the Right Type of Cushion for Your Sofa

How to Choose the Right Type of Cushion for Your Sofa

So you’ve finally got a couch that you like. Perhaps you were using an old hand-me-down for years and just recently got yourself something shiny and new. Maybe your space is strange, and nothing ever seemed to work within it until you found that one antique couch. Perhaps your brother’s friend finally moved out of your living room into his place, and you decided to celebrate with a new piece of furniture. Whatever the reason, working with a new sofa in your space can be wonderful.

In many living rooms, the couch is the centerpiece that pulls the whole room together. It’s where you and those you live with will be spending afternoons together. It’s where your brother’s friend will sleep when he comes back. When you have family gatherings or friends over for the big game night, the couch is where you’ll be. Because of this, it can be hard to know what types of cushions and throw blankets work best with your sofa. The following will examine a few basic guidelines that can help you decide the type and style of pillow that works best for your set up.

Patterns Versus Basics

If your sofa is patterned, almost always, you’re going to want pillows that are one color. Too many patterns can create a busy, overwhelming feeling, and you want the couch to be a place where you can relax. Likewise, if your sofa is a single color, you might want some cushions that have some pattern or texture to them to keep the space from feeling too bland.

Of course, if your room is a bohemian style or something similar where many different patterns are what you’re going for, you can use multiple patterns. But in this case, you ideally want them of different sizes. If the couch has thick stripes, you can go for small flowers or fisherman’s stitching, for example. It will keep the patterns from competing for your attention.

Shape And Size

When it comes to larger pillows and cushions, you want to make sure you have the space for them on your sofa. Suppose you can’t sit comfortably without moving them (for example, you’re stuck sitting on the very edge of the couch with nowhere to lean your head). In that case, the cushion might be too big, and you’re going to spend the next five years picking pillows up off the floor that people have kicked away so they can lay down.

You’ll also want to consider the number of cushions you want before you determine the size. Many smaller pillows or a few larger ones will work as well. A ton of big pillows presents the same size problem mentioned above, and very few smaller ones can make the space feel too sparse to be cozy. Experts at emphasize that if you choose the number and size of your cushions at the beginning of your search, you’ll be able to buy them in sets. It will guarantee that they match well together.

Colour Scheme

Almost always, you don’t want cushions that are the same color as your sofa. They can blend in, and their effect is lost. Therefore, you need to keep your varying colors matching. A good jumping-off point is to consider whether the color scheme in your living space is warm or cool. Stay within that temperature as you peruse colors. When selecting cushions or other accent features, keep things within the same range of colors. If you feel like space already has too many colors, you can always go with nature-based colors and patterns. Somewhere amid white, grey, and brown, you’ll likely find a color that works.


The couch is the place where we get comfy. It means that no matter how gorgeous a cushion is, you’ll want to make sure it’s a pleasant texture before you buy it. Everyone’s preference will differ in this regard, but make sure that you gauge how rough the fabric is and how springy the interior filling is before making your final choice.

The above tips should help you narrow down your search for the perfect cushions for your sofa. Of course, these are only guidelines. If you see something that breaks the rules, but you love it? Go for it. It is your home and whatever makes you feel most at ease is an excellent choice. What matters the most is that after a long day of work, you can crash into your comfy sofa and have it all nice and tidy looking in a matter of minutes.