7 Simple Tips to Save Money on Your New Patio Furniture

7 Simple Tips to Save Money on Your New Patio Furniture

Your home is a cozy space that you should treat with the highest quality pieces of furniture.

Purchasing patio items is one of the exciting additions you can have in your home, although they may be pricey. But worry not, here are some ways to save money when purchasing these useful and aesthetic furniture pieces:

1. Buy Quality

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If you want to save money on your dream patio, you need to buy quality furniture.

It’s crucial to ensure that the patio items you’re getting are of high quality. Otherwise, you may notice the material will begin to fade and tear, compromising comfort and durability.

There are various stores, such as PatioProductions.com, where you can find decent furniture pieces for close to no cost.

Compromising on quality is one sure way to spending more than necessary, so only purchase the best patio items to last you a lifetime.

2. Purchase During Sale Season

Once you’ve identified the shops that sell quality items, you can inquire about the specific periods these go on sale.

Purchasing during sale season means that you get to save more money through discounts rather than buy at the base prices.

However, you’ll also have to be swift in your purchases as several consumers may also have their eye on these pieces that you hope to cop for yourself.

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3. Set A Budget

Setting a budget helps you save money. Through this, you’ll be mindful of what you are purchasing and the range of your expenditures.

For example, your budget may show that you can buy either a hanging chair or a patio sofa set, but not both. It can also mean you can get a teak table but not a dining set.

In the end, mixing and matching the prices of these pieces of furniture with your ideal decoration can ensure that you’ll stick within the budget without sacrificing quality and aesthetics.

4. Check The Clearance Floor

The clearance floor is a fantastic section of a store, as you may be lucky enough to find the prices of various patio furniture reduced. However, keep in mind that some stores do not apply returns for these items. So, before purchasing a piece of furniture, check the store’s refund policies.

We advise taking immediate action once you see an item you want on the clearance store before other consumers beat you to it.

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5. Buy Returned Furniture

Returned furniture usually sells lower than the original price. It also includes the used pieces from stores’ exposition. For you, this means a quality item for a lower price,

Keep in mind that you are buying used furniture pieces, so there may be some wear signs. Before purchasing any used item, inspect if it has any visible defects. If it has, you can inform the store’s employees, and may even negotiate the price for a bit more.

6. Apply Negotiation Skills

Depending on where you’re purchasing your patio furniture, you may be able to negotiate prices. Furniture spaces such as thrift stores and garage sales have the option wherein consumers can bargain for a lower price.

Remember to check for the item’s quality because you may end up replacing or repairing the discounted item. And this may result in spending just as much as you would pay in an actual store.

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7. Set Up A Payment Plan

There are furniture stores that allow consumers to set up a payment plan that would be applied over a specific duration. Purchasing over time means you get to save the remainder of a full price you don’t pay every month. You can then divert this saved amount to other priorities and necessities.

Although you may be required to pay a deposit—over three months, for example—to hold your furniture in the shop, some stores allow you to take the items once you’ve paid the initial deposit. You can then pay off the remaining cost over time while you use it.

An extra tip is to discover whether a shop has any payment plan options so you can choose a suitable one for your needs.


There are different ways that you can save money while on your patio furniture hunt. The most important tip is to make sure that you’re buying quality pieces so you won’t spend more than you intend to.

Inquire for discounts and priced down items. When possible, release your negotiating skills to ensure reasonably yet quality patio pieces.