Coffee Table: How To Choose One According To Your Interior Design

Coffee Table: How To Choose One According To Your Interior Design

When it comes to your home decorating style, there are so many ideas that can fit anyone’s taste. No matter if you are decorating your house for the first time or just redecorating to give it a fresh new look, the options are endless. Different interior designs call for different furniture styles that you can incorporate into your home. One piece of furniture that adds a special finesse to your home, and especially your living room, is the coffee table. It is a long, low table that is placed in front of your sofa in your living room, which comes in many shapes, forms, and colors.

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Coffee tables were first introduced in Britain during the late Victorian era. They were used for placing beverages, more precisely coffee, which is how they got their name. As time went by, many different styles of coffee tables emerged and became one of the most important pieces of furniture in every living room. So, if you are looking for the perfect coffee table, we are giving you several tips on how to choose the best one to fit your interior design.

Mid-century coffee table

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Noguchi coffee table ↑

The mid-century modern interior design became popular in the 1940s with its clean lines, organic forms, and minimal ornamentation. This design allows more freedom, and it is the perfect choice if you are looking to add more authentic vintage styling to your home. So, when it comes to choosing your mid century modern coffee table, there are many ideas you can choose from to complement your living room. For example, the Noguchi coffee table is the most authentic example which is associated with this interior design. It consists of a thick glass top that stands upon solid wood legs that come in many colors. The Molded plywood coffee table is another popular example among homeowners because of its simple and elegant look. Lastly, there is the Wegner coffee table, which provides an understated aesthetic and can fit anyone’s taste. These coffee table ideas are just some of the multitude of options you can choose from as the best decorative piece for your mid-century modern interior design.

Rustic coffee table

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Rustic style

Industrial style interior design is mostly influenced by the lofty look of warehouses and other industrial structures. The beauty of this design is that you can incorporate furniture and decor that will be unique to your home. The combination of exposed steel and rustic wood achieves that aesthetic balance you are looking for in your home. Therefore, the industrial coffee tables rely heavily on unfinished wood as a top standing upon steel legs. For example, the industrial Riverton coffee table is constructed out of reclaimed wood, offering a natural rustic character. Its lacquered finish certainly provides durability for your everyday use. The Rowley frame coffee table is another example of industrial furniture, which looks great no matter the color palette in your living room. It is a rectangular table with four legs that provides plenty of room where you can display some of your favorite books and scented candles in the middle. The Haylee frame coffee table is also perfect if you want to take your living room to the next level.

Way up north with coffee tables

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Scandinavian interior by Fantastic Frank

Popular since the 1950s, the Scandinavian interior design is a combination of natural elements and shapes, creating a minimalistic and simple appearance. A home with this design usually includes wooden coffee tables with metallic finishes. Some might also have a modern touch with smooth and rounded edges. For example, the Around coffee table is a wooden table that is entirely made from oak or ash plywood, looking great in all kinds of lounge settings. One timeless classic is the Rebar coffee table, which includes a steel bar frame and a black marble tabletop. If you are going for a more distinctive look in your living room, this is the perfect coffee table to do so. Or, if you want to show more elegance in your home, then the Tableau Stone is the right choice. It is a sculptural table with geometric lines and curves whose elegance is enriched by the classic material of stone. With so many choices – if you are striving for minimal, stylish, and sculptural, you can never go wrong with a Scandinavian coffee table.

Going French on coffee tables

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Interior of a House 3.2 by Metodo Architects

The Bohemian interior design is a bit different from other designs because it is bright and patterned. As a result of its French origin, this style includes layered textures, vintage pieces, and natural finishes. Coffee tables that are associated with this design are mostly made out of wood to bring instant warmth and comfort. For example, the Elizabeth Trestle coffee table is a popular choice due to its solid mango wood and hairpin legs with a gold finish. It is perfect for keeping the clutter away because it features an open shelf on one side and a drawer on the other. If you want a chic look in your living room, then you can go for the Yessenia coffee table. It has a circular tabletop with a mosaic tile effect and two metal sled-style legs that create an X-shaped base. A coffee table that works well for both your indoor and outdoor setting is the Lailah coffee table. This barrel-shaped silhouette is wrapped in regatta cords, which gives some stylish outdoor vibes.

Final thoughts

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Wooden and metal table in an apartment designed by Crosby Studios

Coffee tables are a great way to start the entire narrative for the living room, as it is often regarded as the focal point in your main seating area. Also, choosing the perfect one doesn’t only involve picking the right size or being proportional to space, but also which material fits with your lifestyle and your interior design. It is recommended that you think about whether you are trying to achieve aesthetics, functionality, or both. Luckily, there are many interior design styles to choose from that will meet your needs with looking and function. With that being said, keep these beautiful choices in mind next time you are looking for the right coffee table for your home.