How To Get Your Home Renovation Off Without A Hitch (Or Without The Stress)

How To Get Your Home Renovation Off Without A Hitch (Or Without The Stress)

Home renovations are on the rise, with 9 in 10 homeowners planning to renovate their homes at some point, according to a survey by Trulia. Of those homeowners, 40 percent plan to renovate within 2 years. However, 85 percent of homeowners also consider the renovation process stressful. So while homeowners are willing to spend money on making their houses a home, the frustrations, red tape, and the stressful process often end up putting a damper on the entire renovation process. It is possible to do a home renovation with minimal hassle, however. Whether your home needs a renovation or you simply want to update your home to match your style, here’s how you can navigate a home renovation process with ease—and your budget and sanity intact.

%name How To Get Your Home Renovation Off Without A Hitch (Or Without The Stress)

A renovation of a single-story dwelling by Amrish Maharaj Architect

Start With A Meticulous But Flexible Plan

A large part of having a stress-free home renovation comes down to planning. Start your renovation by creating a detailed plan of what you want, when you want it done, and how much you can afford to spend on the renovation changes. Think of every aspect of your renovation from costing for the construction and rebuild to your choice of kitchen appliances or furniture when outfitting your new space. Expand your plan to consider factors such as how it will affect the layout of your home, what the new space will be used for, and the materials you wish to use for your renovation.

stylish student accommodation in poznan by agnieszka owsiany 10 How To Get Your Home Renovation Off Without A Hitch (Or Without The Stress)

A renovation of student accommodation by Architects Agnieszka Owsiany and Adam Wiercinski

While some of these expectations may not be feasible or require adjustments such as seeking additional renovation financing, it helps to outline a clear path for the renovation process ahead. Finally, remember to leave room for changes. While you may budget $5,000 for your kitchen remodel, market prices of materials influence the end cost heavily. Similarly, you may have a set timeline for completion but after meeting with the contractor, you may find the timeline is not possible.

Keep A List Of Backup Contractors And Options Throughout

The stress of finding a contractor or material during a renovation can be overwhelming. When choosing a home renovation contractor, make a shortlist of 2-3 candidates based on recommendations, reputation, and research. Reach out to them to get quotes and have an initial conversation with each one of them before making your choice. Be sure to keep your communication going too. According to Austin remodeling contractors, open lines of communication between contractors and clients can reduce renovation stress dramatically by letting you know what’s going on and updating you of any changes to the timeline or budget.

%name How To Get Your Home Renovation Off Without A Hitch (Or Without The Stress)

Small apartment renovation by Jos Tan Architects

However, having a few backup options throughout the renovation process acts as an insurance policy. If there is a dispute, unnecessary delay or your contractor is a no show, then you have already done some of the groundwork in choosing an alternative contractor. The same goes for design choices like building materials, paint colors, or accessories. For instance, you may find that the granite countertop you initially chose is unavailable by the time your renovation has commenced. Be sure to take a look at the other options and entertain a second choice.

Get Real-Time Estimates For Your Budget

Staying within your renovation budget is difficult. Ask any homeowner that has been through the process. In fact, finances are a key sore point during many renovations with many homeowners going over their projected spending amounts. Whether it is due to planning and design changes during construction or scarcity of desired materials, budgeting for your renovation can be a balancing act. If you want to increase your chances of sticking to a budget, amp up your research. Using real-time quotes and material estimates before drawing up a renovation budget allows you to get an accurate picture of how much your renovation will cost you.

herringbone parquet was used in this dutch townhouse renovation by antonia reif 6 728x1024 How To Get Your Home Renovation Off Without A Hitch (Or Without The Stress)

Dutch townhouse renovation by Antonia Reif

If you are unclear how much to budget for a renovation, head to home design and improvement websites like HomeAdvisor for an estimate. Currently, the website averages the cost of a home renovation to be between $18,385 and $75,991. However, it largely depends on the changes and features you want to make. Don’t be afraid to get estimates from contractors in your area either. Many consumers make the mistake of researching contractors later on in the renovation process but they can be useful in getting a glimpse of the costs.

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Renovated apartment in Brussels by architecture studio AUXAU

Lastly, create a designated backup space. During a home renovation, things can get loud, dusty, and sometimes, just too much. The disruption to your home and your daily routine can exacerbate the stress you are already feeling about the renovation. Having space where you can relax or do the routine things you would do before the renovation started like cook dinner, can help you maintain a sense of normalcy and calm during a hectic and transformative time in your home.