Make Your Bedroom Eco-Friendly With These Upgrades

Make Your Bedroom Eco-Friendly With These Upgrades

Living a happy life for some might be about doing better for the world around us. There is so much going on that even a small change might feel insignificant, but small changes lead to big solutions. Living a more eco-friendly lifestyle is how some people are using their change to improve their world.

white nordic bedroom interior Make Your Bedroom Eco Friendly With These Upgrades

Nordic style bedroom

You might not be ready or able to start cleaning the oceans or helping animal life, but small steps at home can help you make an impact. Turning your bedroom into an eco-friendly space is a great way to do your part. Here are some quick upgrades to be more green with your room.

Change Your Lightbulbs

The type of lightbulbs you use in your room might not seem like a big deal, but they play a big part in conserving energy and being more eco-friendly. Normally, most homes use incandescent bulbs which have a warmer, yellow hue. These bulbs produce more light and warmth, but it also means more energy spent illuminating your room. Switching to fluorescent, or even better, LED bulbs, can help cut down on energy costs over time. This is a small step that really makes a difference. The best way to reduce the carbon footprint of your room’s energy consumption is by using natural light as much as possible and keeping the lights off until it is necessary to do so.

Change Up Your Mattress

minimal bedroom with a floor mattress Make Your Bedroom Eco Friendly With These Upgrades

Minimal bedroom with a floor mattress

You might not know it, but your mattress could be a barrier to being more eco-friendly. Old mattresses take a lot of ventilation power if they are releasing dust particles into your room constantly. Hair, dander, and allergens can become trapped in them and released, which makes your central air or fan work overtime. The solution is more eco-conscious products. Hypoallergenic and organic mattresses trap less dust and other allergens, which could help you cut down on A/C use or ventilation to keep your room clean and clear, plus organic mattresses are not as wasteful to make. The mattress experts at show how being eco-friendly does not have to reduce quality, as many organic mattresses are memory foam too. Not only is it good for your health to switch out your mattress, but it can help the environment as well.

Add Life With Plants

aesthetic bedroom with lots of plants Make Your Bedroom Eco Friendly With These Upgrades

Aesthetic bedroom with lots of plants

No eco-friendly room should be without plants. Having plants in your room can help improve your mood, but more importantly, it helps cut down on the need for air filtration. The ability to improve your room’s air quality can help reduce energy consumption from HVAC or central air systems and eliminate the need for other air purifying appliances. Plants provide us with the oxygen we desperately need to survive. Giving them a home in your room, watering them consistently, and ensuring they receive enough sunlight to photosynthesize and help reduce carbon dioxide can turn your room into a much healthier space in terms of air quality. Plus, they liven up the room with their color.

Buy Used Furniture and Decorations

restored night table Make Your Bedroom Eco Friendly With These Upgrades

Restored night table

People love to thrift because it allows them to find excellent deals on designer or name brand products and it can help cultivate a unique style. The other benefit of thrifting is that you can help reduce the number of goods that end up in landfills. The average person can throw away almost 100 pounds of clothing a year, which is an insane number by itself, now multiply it by millions of people. This number is staggering when you consider how much stuff ends up in landfills in all shapes and sizes. Furniture, kitchenware, and appliances get thrown away as well, but if you buy them used or thrift them then you can help reduce that number. Not to mention you can save money on buying things new.

Use Less Toxic Paint

If you like to change up your room color or theme with paint for walls, ceiling, and furniture, you might want to consider switching to a more eco-friendly paint option. Most paints used in homes can be high VOC, which means volatile organic compounds. These paints require a lot of energy to make, but worst of all, they can emit dangerous compounds into the air and compromise air quality as well as your health. Switching to organic, low or no-VOC paints can help improve your efforts to turn your room into a more eco-friendly place.

bedroom paint Make Your Bedroom Eco Friendly With These Upgrades

Getting the most out of your room can mean being conscious of your impact on the world around you. Giving your home a more responsible effort in environmental protection can start with a single room, and these tips to be more eco-friendly with your upgrades is a good start.