6 Best Finishing Options for Granite Countertops Orlando

6 Best Finishing Options for Granite Countertops Orlando

Granite falls among the best construction materials in the world because of its durability and low maintenance. It’s commonly known for creating bathroom and kitchen countertops. As a result, many designers, homeowners, and architects would choose it over other materials because of its beauty and uniqueness.

The natural beauty of granite has won the hearts of many globally, and it’s the most used building material in today’s construction. This appeal is also there because it offers you various options from style and color to different finishes, which significantly impact the appearance and maintenance of your new granite countertops.

But before you choose the ideal finishing options for your granite countertops in Orlando, you must determine the best options. This blog will take you through the six best finishing options for granite countertops you should consider. 

1. Polished Granite Finish

kitchen countertop 6 Best Finishing Options for Granite Countertops Orlando

Are you looking forward to brightening your kitchen and bathroom? If yes, don’t hesitate to choose the famous polished granite finish. The polished granite finish is a shiny surface that gives an accurate impression of the natural stone in terms of characteristics and color. As a result, it leaves you appreciating the beauty and cheerful atmosphere it offers your home, explaining why it’s among the most popular granite countertops Orlando.

The polished granite finish is stain-resistant, making it perfect for kitchen countertops. However, it might not be an ideal alternative if you have pets or children because it can easily get scratched. If it gets scratched, it’ll be exposed to more damage. Fortunately, you can minimize this damage by ensuring that the scratched area is re-sealed through refinishing countertops. Sadly, this process mightn’t be pocket friendly.

Another reason to use the polished granite finish is that it’s easy to care for and clean because it incorporates non-absorbent qualities. This is why you should consider it if you want a low-maintenance finish option for your granite countertop.

2. Honed Granite Finish

Honed granite isn’t similar to polished granite because it doesn’t have a shiny countertop surface. Instead, it has a matte appearance, making it susceptible to stains, dust, and fingerprints. It’s the perfect granite finish for multiple homeowners because its surface is more natural, unlike other finishes. In addition, the honed granite finish is less reflective and doesn’t showcase your house’s imperfection.

Nonetheless, the honed granite finish has downsides, among them being more porous, meaning you shouldn’t allow water to accumulate on it for longer. In addition, if you opt for a granite countertop with such a finishing, you must re-seal it often.

3. Leathered Granite Finish

This new finishing style in the décor industry is becoming famous quickly globally. To acquire this finish, you must run a diamond-tripped brush over a honed surface to add texture through subtle dimples. This finish gives your granite countertop a more sophisticated feel and impression by showcasing the stone’s natural elements. Thanks to the textured surface, the leathered granite surface is more resistant to stains, smudges, fingerprints, and scratches, unlike other granite countertop finishing options.

You should consider using this finish on your granite countertop if you want a rustic look. Apart from its advantages, leathered granite has its downside as well. Its surface isn’t smooth enough, making it hard to care for and clean. And for this reason, if you opt for this finish, it’d be better if you apply it to custom-designed tables, fireplace covers, bathrooms, and bar tops.

4. Flamed Granite Finish

If you’re looking for a unique granite finish, look no further, as the flamed finish is a great option. The flamed granite finish’s faded appearance and rough texture are achieved when you use intense flame heat on your slab. This heat causes the granite grains to burst, making them rough. Besides, it also results in color change because it gives your countertop more of a subdued look. In most construction projects, this finish is preferred for interior applications, especially in areas where you don’t need slippery surfaces.

However, this granite finishing type is only applied to this particular natural stone.

5. Bush Hammered Finish

The bush hammered finish is another excellent pick that provides maximum slip-resistant surfaces. Thanks to the hammering done to the granite stone using many steel brushes, it breaks and forms pits, providing you with such a surface. The bush hammered finish gives your countertop surface a naturally weathered look that is textured slightly.

6. Brushed Granite Finish

A brushed granite finish is more porous because the granite surface is subjected to brushing, making it textured. When you apply this finish to your countertop, there is no doubt that it’ll conceal scratches and imperfections, which are sometimes unavoidable because of using granite countertops more frequently.


After going through this comprehensive post, you’ve realized there are many finishing options for your granite countertops. But this guide has outlined some of the best choices to make it easy for you to make your best choice. In a nutshell, the finish you choose for your granite countertop Orlando determines its final look in terms of maintenance, durability, beauty, and appearance.