How To Choose The Best Pliers For Your Garden Toolkit

How To Choose The Best Pliers For Your Garden Toolkit

Gardeners of all expert levels use various tools to make the art of gardening more manageable and more comfortable. The common tools include shovels, trowels, rakes, a fork, weeding knives, and hedge shears. But aside from these, one helpful tool you can include when gardening is a pair of pliers.

Even in gardening, you’ll need the right tool for efficient work. For example, you can use a pair of pliers to help build a fence and secure your plants without damaging or cutting the stems. When plants are damaged, it can affect their growth and may be challenging to maintain. Hence, garden pliers are useful in the garden.

There are a variety of garden pliers on the market; it’s essential to invest in the right one that suits your needs. So, if you love gardening or you’re planning to do a do-it-yourself (DIY) garden project, consider adding pliers to your toolbox.

Below are tips for selecting the best pliers to include in your garden toolbox. Read on.

Round Nose Pliers

Round nose pliers, like this range from Maun Industries, allow you to bend rings and form coils using one set of pliers, making them useful for general DIY, maintenance, and hobby work. It’s a handy addition to any toolbox.

pliers How To Choose The Best Pliers For Your Garden Toolkit

Round Jaw Pliers from Maun Industries

Determine Your Purpose

The best pliers for your garden toolkit will depend on your gardening project. For instance, fence pliers are great for cutting or attaching chain links. On the other hand, some pliers are meant to cut plants’ stems or branches. Investing in pliers that can do various work, like bending, splicing, holding, or pulling objects, is ideal. With a versatile pair of pliers, you don’t have to own different types of pliers for other tasks.

Consider The Pliers Handle

Gardening can be a tedious task, even with the help of gardening tools. This is why it is essential to consider the parts of the pliers, especially the handles. That said, you may take note of the following:

  • Material: The handle’s material is essential because you’ll be holding the pliers most of the time in your garden. Therefore, the grip should be comfortable. Often, the handles are made from metal with rubber or plastic sleeves. The sleeves help handle the pliers well, preventing them from slipping or causing blisters on your hands.
  • Length: Pliers with long handles are known to have better leverage as they help gardeners reach distant parts. On the other hand, shorter handles are great for trimming and intricate work in the garden. It’s a good idea to have both in your garden toolbox.
  • Shape: There are three shapes of the handles: straight, convex, and curved handles. Each has its purpose, but an ideal shape for the handles would be the curved handle, as it can support your hand in the front and back parts.

These three things are essential to consider to find the best pliers for your gardening projects. Remember, when you’re choosing, find the one with the best quality.

Research And Read Reviews

Once you’ve decided which type of pliers you’ll get, you can start looking for shops or brands online. Moreover, you can read reviews from previous customers to know whether the pliers are effective and durable for your desired work. This can help prevent purchasing an unreliable brand, which save waste time and money.

Check Out The Warranty

One way to assess the quality of an item is through its warranty. You can always ask a store clerk about the plier’s warranty, especially if it’s not displayed on the product. Pliers with longer warranties are often made from more durable materials and are much higher quality than other pliers with shorter warranties.

Prioritize Ease Of Use And Maintenance

Generally, garden tools are used to ease the task, whether it’s a DIY garden project or tending your garden. That said, it’s best to choose a pair of pliers that are easy and comfortable for long intervals. This can help take the physical strain off certain parts of your body.

Your garden pliers must also be easy to clean so they don’t get rusted easily. Rusty garden pliers can be faulty and are of no help to any gardener. It would help if you could keep your garden pliers in good condition. You can do this by wiping them down before returning them to your garden toolbox. This ensures no moisture is left on the blades that may lead to any rusting.


Pliers are not only for your electrical needs. This tool can be helpful in the garden as well. It can help you cut small stems, bend wires, or hold other things while you do your project. If you’re planning to buy pliers, consider the tips above to help you find the best one for your garden.