How to Clean a New House

How to Clean a New House

If you’ve just moved into a new home, giving the place a good deep clean should be on the top of your list of priorities. Chances are, your home’s previous occupants made some cleaning efforts before they moved out, but it’s always wise to take extra precautions and bring the place up to your standards before you start moving your furniture in.

You don’t know what might have gone down in your new home before you moved in, and giving it a good clean is the only way to remove any lingering bacteria or dirt. Follow these simple tips for how to clean a new house to make it ready for moving day:

1. Clean the kitchen thoroughly

clean kitchen How to Clean a New House

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Aside from the bathroom, the kitchen is one of the most thriving hubs of bacteria. Pull out all of your appliances and clean behind and underneath them as best as you can. Any kitchen appliances like fridges, ovens, or microwaves should be thoroughly cleaned out if you’re planning on using them yourself. Purchase professional cleaning formulas to get the job done faster.

2. Pay special attention to your stove

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Your stove new home needs special attention during your cleaning regime. Chances are, it’s acquired a build-up of grime that the previous homeowners failed to properly remove. Try scrubbing the surface with a baking soda and water combination, which can be effective in removing tough dirt. Grease removers also work well if a regular cleaner just isn’t cutting it.

3. Hire an expert

Some people just don’t feel comfortable doing a job themselves, and if that’s you, you’d probably benefit from hiring an expert to help you with your new home deep clean. Look for domestic Melbourne cleaners with proven experience and a range of positive reviews to go off. You should be able to arrange for a cleaner to come into your home at a time that’s convenient for you, and they’ll get the job done far more quickly and efficiently than you would manage, leaving you to get on with the important stuff.

4. Move onto the bathroom

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The bathroom is a room that needs to be tackled with speed and resilience, especially as you’ll probably end up needing it during your house cleaning process. Start at the ceiling, removing dust from corners and air vents, and work your way down. Wash the insides of any fixed cabinets, then scrub your shower, bathtub, and sink. Finally, scrub your toilet and mop the floor. A nice bathroom air freshener can go the extra mile when it comes to creating a clean, fresh feel.

5. Don’t forget outdoor spaces

It’s easy to neglect an outdoor space once you’ve lived in a property for a long period, and if your home’s ex-occupants haven’t done the best job of your garden, it’s time for you to take over. Purchase a weed killer and get to work on the overgrown areas of the yard. Mow the lawn if there is one, and look out for potential hazards, like cracked or broken paving stones.