Top 3 Interior Design Shops Of The Week

Hello Everyone!

Hope You’re all staying positive and autumn depressions are far away from You. I found some shops of industrial design and furniture, in case You are in depressions of not finding what to buy. Well, do not expect standard lines, I’ve tried to share something a little bit strange, but modern, oldschool but classy.

Portuguese-born designer Gonçalo Campos known for a signature mix of humor and pragmatism,  collaborates with international brands, designing furniture, accessories, lighting, and consulting. Yes, that’s why he catched my eye – he’s production is not only state of the art, but also practical.

Yeah, it sounds like clothes shop, but actually there is some corner for apartments. Here You can find some amazing vintage or even mid-century style things. Check it out!

Probably Bolia isn’t the new one for the true interior lovers. Danish furniture chain prioritise simplicity, functionality and honest materials. And that reminds a lot Scandinavian spirit. By the way, collection of 2015 is here!