10 MV Realty Styling Tips To Make Your Home Look Amazing

10 MV Realty Styling Tips To Make Your Home Look Amazing

Real estate has been a lucrative business in the United States. Despite the market dipping several times in the past, it quickly bounced back and managed to stay afloat. Even with the pandemic challenges, real estate in the United States remains a top business solution for many, with house flipping becoming a phenomenon. In 2020, 820,000 housing units were sold in the United States, and in 2021, the average cost of a house in the US soared to USD$408,800.

Domestic migration is still being practiced in the country, as evidenced by the 8% of Americans moving from one state to another to experience a new environment, job stability, and better education for their children.

If you’re a homeowner who plans to sell your house in the future, your home benefits from a homeowner benefit program by MV Realty as they’ll give you cash upfront if you consider hiring them to represent you in selling your home in the future. It’s a USD$5,000 cash amount that you can use any way you want without affecting your credit score.

You don’t have to worry because they sell homes fast and at a higher price. Follow these styling tips in staging a home for selling:

1. Style With The Buyer In Mind

MV Realty has made it a point to study their buyer persona and carefully analyze what their buyers prefer in the homes they look for. So, even if their styling team has their built-in aesthetics, they set it aside to style with the buyer in mind.

2. Don’t Be Overly Thematic

The trend in home styling now is breaking the monotony. The one-color theme is considered dull, and two-toned styling is the current trend. So, if the home is a renaissance, they reimagine the style and incorporate other elements to keep it exciting and up to date.

3. Don’t Use Fake Items

The number one no-no in staging a home is using faux items. How would potential home buyers react to plastic fruits on the dining table? Credible realtors who care for your property invest in the design to attract buyers and entice them to buy.

4. Use Floor Length Curtains

Light-colored floor length curtains elongate a room and make it look more elegant and majestic. This would especially be useful for homes with a low ceiling.

5. Skip The Wall Art

Walls need to be decorated, but veer away from wall arts that are too dazzling. Wall arts like these take away the buyers’ attention of the house. And instead of talking about the features of the home, you’d most likely be spending precious minutes answering questions about the decoration.

6. Decorate Surfaces Beautifully

Never leave any tabletop bare. All table tops must be decorated, and many stylists would suggest hardbound books of different sizes arranged in a pile that’s not too neat to look at and topped with decors like a figurine or an abstract object.

7. Set Dining Table Normally

As you tour the buyers inside the home, once in the dining room, there should be a feeling that a real family is living in the house to create an authentic effect. The dining table shouldn’t be set up too immaculately. This isn’t to say that there should be actual food there, but mostly, the arrangement shouldn’t be too perfect and pristine.

8. Decorate With Toys

Many home buyers ask their kids what they think about the home, so staging a room with toys would be perfect. When the kids are excited and happy, the parents are more inclined to say yes and sign on the dotted line.

9. Organize Shelves Aesthetically

Open shelving shouldn’t be bare; instead, it should hold interesting items that could pique the buyer’s curiosity. But the way to decorate them should follow the idea of color, pattern, and repetition, which is how the eyes travel when browsing a shelf. Following those criteria creates balance and symmetry in a rack and makes it look more appealing.

10. Follow The Rule Of Threes In Accessorizing

This is the same rule photographers use in capturing product shots. Arranging anything in an odd number makes it more appealing, memorable, and effective than using even numbers. It creates a visual experience that makes the eye move around more, creating more powerful storytelling.


Selling a home just got more exciting with new styling ideas sprouting here and there. But selling a house through credible partnerships that give you more benefits is even more tantalizing. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you plan and prepare.