Die Katze Kindergarten in Germany

Die Katze Kindergarten in Germany

The kindergarten Die Katze is the symbol of Franco-German friendship. It is the result of the operation “a Europe without borders” between Baden-Württemberg and Alsace. Tomi Ungerer, internationally renowned artist both child and ambassador of Alsatian origin, was associated with the architectural firm of Ayla-Suzan Yöndel to create this bold instead. He chose his favorite animal to carry out a school outside the norm, characterizes it as “clever and conscious animal to be” perfect for inspiring children. Crouching like a sphinx, he watches its prey, ready to pounce on him. In the manner of a mouse that is swallowed, the children enter through the mouth of the cat. The unfolded language serves as the front door and hall of mouth. The legs are spaces dedicated to the game. The belly of the cat consists of a changing room, classrooms, a kitchen, a dining room and a staircase. The anatomical tour continues upstairs. The cat’s head is a main room, bathed in light through the eyes and ears. A flat roof, where grass growth, draws the cat’s coat and, like any self-respecting digestion, mice were evacuated in emergency by the underside of the tail! The above could be conducive to a slide of crazy slides. A hundred children benefit from this extraordinary place. Everything is implemented for them to learn while having fun. It is in their adult life they will remember with nostalgia of their childhood, because it is not given to everyone to have spent his early years in a cat.

Kindergarten Die Katze, Wettersteinstr. 16a, Wolfartsweier, Germany.

Sophie Carre / Photo Adriano A.Biondo

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