Experts Explain Why Office Design Goes Beyond Aesthetics

Experts Explain Why Office Design Goes Beyond Aesthetics

Office design; there’s a probability you’ve heard about this and mentioned it here and there when discussing offices and workspaces. In most cases, office design is related to nothing more than aesthetics. It isn’t a wrong correlation, but did you know there’s more to office design than aesthetics?

What more does design do in a workplace? Read on to see experts explaining why office design goes beyond aesthetics.

Further, office design does the following:

  • It Increases Team Productivity

Productivity is an aspect most business owners want to achieve in their workspace. It contributes to more sales and the realization of the bottom line. Office design contributes to productivity. How?

The right office design emanates the right emotions directly related to workers’ productivity. Some of these design aspects relate to lighting and furniture.

Adequate lighting in the workplace tends to elevate the mood of your workers. This mood directly relates to a sense of fulfillment and positivity, increasing productivity. However, the best lighting to achieve this is natural lighting. You can achieve this by using large windows in your office and glassed partitions instead of solid walls. These features will allow continuous light without worrying about electricity bills.

With furniture, you should use Freedman’s Furniture or your preferred brand as long as they’re comfortable. Comfortable chairs and working tables will prevent discomfort like back and neck aches as your workers work. Your workers will focus on the task at hand rather than the pain in their necks that negatively impacts their productivity.

  • It Serves As Good Branding

Branding is one of the common marketing strategies businesses adopt. It more or less grooms your business, such that it represents what you do and stand for. Your office design can be part of your branding strategy.

Suppose your theme color is mustard with a touch of black. Your office space should have these colors right from the doorstep. Your logo and phrase should be quite visible in this space. Nonetheless, you must blend in the colors and strategically place the logo and other brand identifiers.

The right blend will create a great first impression on your potential clients. It’ll emanate the right emotions from them, which might prompt them to seek your services. They’ll feel they belong with your brand.

In addition, your office design will make your office memorable. Every time clients want to meet a need you provide, they’ll always remember your office design, making them seek your services; you’re whom they know.

  • It Promotes Well-Being

Well-being is often associated with quality of life, which is a factor you want your workers to have.

An office design can contribute to your team’s well-being. Gone are the days when offices used only to have working spaces, and workers had to spend the entire day at their desks. Such set-ups tended to create stress and bring about monotony in the workspace. In such cases, the office is the last place your workers want to be, which doesn’t contribute to well-being.

An office design that enables workers to move around as they work is said to reduce stress levels. Your design can have a break room, quiet working spaces, meeting areas, collaboration, and recreational areas. Such diversity allows your team to work where they feel best, based on their current emotions and needs.

For instance, if there’s a need for collaboration, the team will head to the collaborating working area and brainstorm without disturbing other workers. If a worker needs ultimate focus to execute a task, there are quiet working areas to suit these needs.

By meeting your workers’ needs that help them fulfill their responsibilities, you’ll provide a conducive environment for them to always be at their best. In return, you’ll retain them in your business for longer, an added advantage.

  • It Attracts Top Talent

Today, flexibility is an aspect job seekers are looking for in their ideal working places. It’s said that they vet the workplace before applying for and accepting job offers. In such scenarios, your office design plays a big role in attracting top talent in the industry.

As previously stated, you can adopt a flexible environment by providing various working stations for different purposes. This setup shows the potential worker that they won’t be overwhelmed as they work for your business. It’ll prompt them to want to work with you, adding to the talent in your business. A lot of talent in your business often translates to quality service delivery, increasing customer satisfaction.


Office design is an aspect that should be part of your business formation strategy and budget. The discussion above has shown how office design does more to a business besides adding to its beauty. Therefore, as a business owner, highly consider working on your office design if you haven’t put much effort into it. It’ll bring a lot of benefits that help in the growth of your business.