How To Bring Your Small Space Alive This Spring

How To Bring Your Small Space Alive This Spring

Do you live in a studio apartment?  Are you a proud owner of a small house?  If you said ‘yes’ to either of these questions, consider changing the space’s décor for spring. However, you might need extra help with this particular matter. So, it should be in your best interest to continue reading to know four tips to bring your small space alive this spring.

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29m² apartment with a mezzanine 🠕

Redesign The Lighting

Home lighting should complement the way you live, the colors of your furniture, your house’s design, and the current season. The lights should make the decor for small homes look beautiful and unique. These fixtures also create unique atmospheres in your small abode.

The best place to start is with the ceiling fixtures. Note that you should think about the types of light you’d like to install and the type of room you’re going to illuminate. Hence, prioritize choosing the right lighting fixture for the ceiling since the overhead lighting tends to be the main light in a space.

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Tiny home in Berlin by Paola Bagna & Ziel:Architektur 🠕

Do you want your room to look as bright as possible at night?  If so, consider installing ceiling lights with high lumens, which is the unit of measurement for different lighting fixtures’ brightness. Conversely, you may consider installing a dimmer to let you enjoy flexibility in the light’s intensity.

Also, think about where the light originates and the mood you want to create in a room. The right light can also prepare spaces with different design elements for spring. Some light fixtures work well with contemporary design, whereas others fit in Victorian homes.

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Refurbishment of a small apartment by Patalab Architecture 🠕

Remember, several ways exist to provide light to your home. In many cases, you’ll rely on an energy source to light your home efficiently. One of the options is to purchase energy-efficient lights for your home. In return, you can enjoy the right ambiance in your small space when spring arrives, without ‘breaking the bank.’

Apply Wallpapers

Home wallpapers are available in several colors, shapes, materials, and sizes. Create an elegant look in your small space by choosing the right wallpaper for spring. At this point, you might find it challenging to select a wallpaper for the new season. If so, consider looking at online interior design inspirations for small homes.

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Sandberg Carl wallpaper 🠕

Nonetheless, it’s essential to get pictures of your space while shopping for wallpaper. Ensure that the wall coverings reflect the theme or style of the house.

A good place to search for wallpaper designs is the Internet. Note that people generally buy online because shopping online tends to involve less hassle and has quicker results than offline shopping. Many people prefer to buy wallpaper on the Internet because they don’t have to leave their homes.

Also, choose wallpapers that have both aesthetic and functional features. For instance, the wall design should blend well with the décor’s theme. Moreover, it may provide sufficient insulation for the home, making your space comfortable when sudden spring rains occur.

Add Plants

Most indoor plants require little attention, especially since they tend to grow fast. For example, aspidistra or pit sunflower is an indoor plant common in Victorian homes as they needed little maintenance.

However, adding indoor plants isn’t only about satiating your green thumb. The right plants can help bring vitality to the interior décor of your small abode this spring.

small workspace with plants How To Bring Your Small Space Alive This Spring

A small home office with some plants 🠕

But, ask yourself what exactly would be the benefits of growing an indoor plant?  Note that indoor plants provide an abundance of beauty and joy. Adding touches of green indoors should beautifully blend with the natural surroundings, especially if these use other organic materials, like wood and stone.

As a bonus, many indoor plants aren’t only beautiful, but also quite inexpensive. One example is the bonsai, and this option is quite popular, thanks to its ease of growing. Furthermore, bonsai plants can become a beautiful focal point to relatively any room.

Also, consider buying the tools to care for your indoor plants. If you want your plants to grow healthy and strong, you should provide them with the correct sustenance. But, you don’t have to spend your entire bank account for these tools. It’s best to consider some essential factors before you buy your planting gear.

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The first thing to think about is if you want to grow a large plant. The size of your plants doesn’t matter; remember that bigger is not always better!  You can buy pots that come with a drainage hole for the soil. Also, some plants need special watering to ensure that you know which ones you need to water regularly.


Spring is about to arrive, which means it’s time for some ‘spring cleaning.’ If you find your small space looking cluttered or dreary, it’s probably because of all the mess and junk lying around your humble abode. Start the season with some much-needed organizing.

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A 30m2 studio apartment in Budapest 🠕

One piece of advice for anyone looking to get organized this spring is implementing a good home organization system. In return, you’ll know the things to go and what needs to stay.

For example, many people fail to see their cluttered closets. Since many people don’t think about their closets stuffed with junk, it’s likely that they’ll only start to see their clutter problem after an important item goes missing.

You can start removing clutter from your closet by separating your clothes into two piles. One pile will contain the clothes you’ll be wearing for spring. The other pile will be the accessories and clothes you’ll throw out, sell, or donate to charity.

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A tiny 13m² apartment in Warsaw 🠕

After clearing the closet, it’s time to start with the rest of your humble dwelling. Do a similar organizational process for the rest of the house. But, instead of organizing clothes into two piles, you’ll be segregating different home décor.

Once you finish with the organizing, you should now enjoy a breathable space. Remember, a small space can feel stuffy with different clutter lying on different surfaces. Hence, cleaning the area will make your home more visually appealing for you and your guests, regardless of the season.

Final Words

Spring is the season for new beginnings. Hence, what better way to attract new opportunities than by bringing your small space alive this season?  Use the tips mentioned in this post to help you decorate your home for the new season. In return, you should make your abode cozier, livelier, and homier than before.