Smart Ways to Increase Security at Your Rental Properties

Smart Ways to Increase Security at Your Rental Properties

No matter what property people check-in into, the sense of safety is a must. If you have rental properties, an efficient security system is going to add value to your place. Both your guests and you will feel safer by knowing that the security system functions well.

You will have a higher chance of renting a secure property. Also, if your guests feel safer, it is more likely they will leave a positive review. And it will result in more bookings, more reviews, and more profit. Moreover, a security system will decrease your insurance costs. Take a look at Tridel Westerly Condos – it is a perfect example of secure rental properties.

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Studio apartment designed by Clare Cousins

The last thing your guests want to do when they arrive at your property is to think about whether their stuff is safe here. They will lock the door and leave the place sooner or later. Without a smart security system, there are chances for an unexpected visitor to break in and steal valuable items, cash, or documents. A reliable security system will help prevent such mishaps.

Smart security system

A smart and effective security system is the first idea to keep your rental property secured from criminal access. Nowadays, criminals have become so advanced and equipped with modern technologies to break any lock. But, they cannot succeed in it if you have installed a strong and effective lock system that is not easy to break. Remember, the criminals can’t enter by breaking in, as shown in the movies. There are many modern locks available these days, with which you can integrate the security system for your rental property.

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You can use the security system with smart locks to achieve ultimate protection. Most of the smart lock systems have the feature of remote access. So, you can control them through an app on your phone. Plan your budget before choosing the lock, as there are many models available in different price ranges. Some of the features that you should look for in a smart lock include door and window sensors and lights to detect any movements.

If you do not want to invest in security cameras, you can place video surveillance signs outside the property. It is a cheap extra measure to prevent criminals from breaking inside your home.

Main entrance security

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A metal or strong wooden door will provide better security for the main entrance. You can use door jammers on them too. Also, you can replace the single-cylinder deadbolt with the double, as this is a more secure option. If there is a window near your main door, the double-cylinder deadbolt will prevent the thief from reaching it through the window.

Use curtains to hide the view from the outside

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Curtains will not only provide privacy from the neighbors but also will prevent anybody from the outside to take a view of the inside of your home. Remind your guests to keep their curtains closed to avoid attracting any thieves. By doing this, no one from outside will know what is happening inside. According to the U.S Department of Justice, thefts usually occur between 10 a.m and 3 p.m, so you should close the curtains during this time.

Interior and exterior lighting

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Exterior lighting in family headquarters by Viviano Viviano architecture

Proper lighting, both inside and outside your rental property, will make it less attractive to burglars. Lighting will ensure the hallway and staircases are bright enough – this will deter the thefts from breaking into your home. You can install motion-activated lighting for more private areas and leave the light on in corridors or at the entrance.

Window safety

%name Smart Ways to Increase Security at Your Rental Properties

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Most of the thefts do not break in through the door – they usually get in through the opened windows. That is why your windows should have an efficient lock system. Ensure the fire escape is not weak and cannot allow the thieves to enter. To add extra protection to the windows, you can use a sound alarm or install window sensors. It will alert you or the guests when someone tampers the window.

Property manager

If you own a rental property but do not have enough time to look after it, you can hire a property manager. The manager will organize everything from collecting the rent to installing a security system. He or she should also keep monitoring the place to prevent any burglars from entering inside.

Following the above tips will ensure the proper security of your rental property and keep the burglars away.