9 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look More Luxurious

9 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look More Luxurious

With the cost of bathroom remodeling topping almost $20,000, no one would blame you for opting out of such a project. Luckily for most of us, it has become easier to get the fancy for a fraction of the cost, and the results ooze luxury.

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A bright green free-standing tub in a bathroom renovated by Crosby Studios

In this article, we are going to take a look at inexpensive ways to make your bathroom more luxurious. Keep reading!

Use a Diagonal Tile Pattern

Interior designers recommend using a diagonal tile pattern instead of straight lines or squares. This trick will not only add some fancy to your bathroom, but it’ll also make your space look more open, especially if it’s a little cramped.

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Diagonal tile pattern

Diagonal tiles add a bespoke feel to the bathroom. Also, by tiling the walls to the ceiling, you will get a sparkling surface that would otherwise look lifeless. While the material selection is vital, how you use the materials is more important. Tiling can be expensive, but do not worry. If you are an adventurous DIYer, this is a job you could do on your own. And it can be fun!

Add Large-Scale Lighting

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Renovated apartment by Egue Y Seta

Another common trick is to have some large-scale lighting in the bathroom. Best designs use flush-mount chandeliers. These lights take up less room space and make a tremendous impact overhead. Remember, behind luxury is space.

Use Plants

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Small apartment renovation by Jos Tan Architects

Plants in stylish pots or planters are eye-catching and can even make a small space appear larger. You may think that the bathroom is the last place to have all the greenery. But, some plants do well in the bathroom. Try bringing Boston ferns, orchids, or aloe vera into your bathroom, and see the difference.

Incorporate Some English Gold and Metallic Accents

Brass and that décor staple from the ‘80s are coming back. Make your bathroom more warm and elegant by including English gold or brass decor elements.

Remember, the most crucial aspect here is getting the right shade. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a bathroom that looks garish instead of inviting. Interior designers advise avoiding the gold of yesteryears that has a more greenish base. Instead – use brushed gold in sleeker shapes. The room will feel fresher, newer, and warmer.

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Brass metal shower lever

But how to get the look without having to remodel the whole thing? Well, you can get some metallic accent pieces, as seen when you click here, such as soap dishes, sinks, and other vanity products. These are inexpensive and will add a beautiful look to your space without overwhelming it.

Try Some Classy Containers

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Wall-mounted tap in a mirror and soap dispenser

We are not talking about those accessory sets that come with a matching toothbrush holder and a soap dispenser (it would be great, too). We are talking about adopting new toiletries throughout the bathroom: a beautiful glass dispenser for your lotion, body wash, or shampoo. These inexpensive additions make your bathroom design look well-thought-out and feel more luxurious. Many designers love amber glass containers – check them out too.

Change Your Bath Towels

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A modern single-family residence designed by Schulberg Demkiw Architects

Getting a new towel is one of the easiest and cheapest things you can do. A quality towel not only feels nice on your skin but also makes your bathroom look more luxurious. Buy towels that are rich in detail, such as ribbon trim, monogramming, and embroidered edges. Of course, your towels should also have a light-weight feel and fast-drying.

Try an Unusual Mirror

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Bathroom in high-end apartments designed by Emil Eve Architects

To elevate your bathroom, choose a large mirror with a unique and compelling finish and shape. You can use English or Moroccan gold to achieve that feel. Adding an oversized mirror that extends to the ceiling makes your bathroom more luxurious. Plus, you could have the mirror cut to accommodate a pair of sconces.

Hang Oversized Art

art in the bathroom 9 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look More Luxurious

Art is another luxe décor element for your bathroom. It is especially helpful if your bathroom is small. An oversized piece of art will do wonders in your tiny space. The unexpectedness of a framed piece in a room creates a warm and luxurious feel. But, make sure you hang your art properly to guard it against steam damage.

Swap Out Your Shower Curtains

If you have shower curtains instead of sliding doors, replace them with silk or silk-like curtains. Also, add fabric shower liner underneath the curtains to get that instant glam. So, there you go – smart and inexpensive ways to improve the decor of your bathroom.

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A poetry studio in the attic of an Old Town House in Prague